The Donunt Den

I hope everybody is having a happy Lent and congratulations to anyone who is on Spring Break, including moi. For those of you who don’t know Sunday does not count for Lent, so this past Sunday, I scoped out a donut place that could rival Krispy Kreme.

So I went to the place in the Heart of Green Hills called the Donut Den. This is a family owned restaurant and it is the only one they own.  They sell coffee products as well.

The donuts and other bakery items are made freshly everyday. When I went into the dinner it was busy, which is always a good sign. The donuts were really good, but it wasn’t Krispy Kreme, especially when their donuts are freshly made. Nevertheless, their iced-coffee was amazing.

I would still try it, because I am definitely going back a second time. What wins over all is great customer service. Plus it was cheaper and the coffee is  then Krispy Kreme. I am a coffee fanatic, that was more important to me than the donuts. Also, if you have a very sweet tooth this place definitely is for you.

I give this place a 2.8 out of five.


Designer Renaissance

I am so excited to write my seventh post. Seven is a great number. This is why I am talking about one of my ultimate favorite subjects. Fashion and Style. Here in Nashville we have many small consignment shops ranging from low to high price ranges. However, where you find this fabulous place, is a city inside of Nashville, called Berry Hill.

I admit that I am a step-below a consignment shopping addict. My style is totally vintage. Nevertheless, don’t let that stop you from coming into Designer Renaissance. They have designer finds for everyone. Rather your a hipster, fashionista, or a business woman there is something for you in this store.

One of my pet-peeds for businesses is if  they think it is a privilege for you to walk into their establishments. I am proud to say that the staff at Designer Renaissance are the exact opposite. They are the nicest and most friendliest people in retail. They value the customer and treat everyone like a family. I am a very indecisive person when it comes to minor choices, but they were patient and help me throughout all my shopping experiences.

Definitely 5 out of 5!

Below are the websites for Berry Hill and Designer Renaissance.

P.S. Do not speed in this area.

Thai Phooket

I am a person that judges a book by its cover. Seriously, if I don’t like the title or a cover of a book in the library I put it right back on the shelf. I do the exact same thing to restaurants.When I first arrived to Thai Phooket, I swore I would not eat in this restaurant. After some coaxing, I got out the car and was finally persuaded to eat by surrounding customers. I am happy to say that Thai Phooket is one of the exceptions to my own rules.

I had the Red Curry and I made it very spicy. It was amazing and it didn’t break my wallet. It was a great experience. I felt pretty glad that I actually got past outer looks. So not only was my belly satisfied so was my soul.

I will tell you the service needs a little improvement. It is legitimately a hole-in-the-wall. The food came out pretty quick. However, I’m just saying if I am eating spicy food I shouldn’t have to flag someone to get some water. Getting the check was kind of slow to.

Nevertheless, it is the best Thai restaurant and my feeling were not hurt. So you have very good food that’s very cheap. I give it a 3 out of 5 hearts. Here is their  restaurant website for more information and history.!the-place

Belle Meade Premium Cigars

Those of you that love and appreciate premium quality of tobacco should go to Belle Meade Premium Cigar Shop.

The person who actually owns it is a Vietnamese Refugee who actually worked next door at the Belle Meade Cafeteria. She worked really hard and eventually got her own cigar shop. Her family also helps her when she is with her children or she is doing other business.

If you are looking for a present going there would be a perfect stop. For men of course there is tobacco. Also, if a man wants to enjoy himself there is a smoking room in the back. However, if your a man and your searching for present and your pressed for time, she has lighters just for women. Top quality lighters with nice designs.

Here is their site. I give this business 4 out 5 hearts.


Kebab Gyros Brentwood

I personally love food. The problem with restaurants is that the food is usually bland or it’s missing an ingredient. So when I find a restaurant that the seasonings are just perfect, full of flavor, and different I just have to talk about it. The best Gyro place that I have tasted is Kebab Gyro in Brentwood on Old Hickory Blvd. It’s right next to a great Bakery (which I will talk about that later) and behind Cinco de Mayo.

It is family owned. The man that was helping me knew it was my first time there and was extra nice to me. He ordered what I think I would like for me, he was 100% right. When your there ask for cucumber sauce over your rice. He made me try that and it was amazing.

I also loved it because the whole family is Christian. If your short some change, they will help you out, but please don’t take advantage of them. Nice Persian family period.

Go. You will enjoy your experience!