The Donunt Den

I hope everybody is having a happy Lent and congratulations to anyone who is on Spring Break, including moi. For those of you who don’t know Sunday does not count for Lent, so this past Sunday, I scoped out a donut place that could rival Krispy Kreme.

So I went to the place in the Heart of Green Hills called the Donut Den. This is a family owned restaurant and it is the only one they own.  They sell coffee products as well.

The donuts and other bakery items are made freshly everyday. When I went into the dinner it was busy, which is always a good sign. The donuts were really good, but it wasn’t Krispy Kreme, especially when their donuts are freshly made. Nevertheless, their iced-coffee was amazing.

I would still try it, because I am definitely going back a second time. What wins over all is great customer service. Plus it was cheaper and the coffee is  then Krispy Kreme. I am a coffee fanatic, that was more important to me than the donuts. Also, if you have a very sweet tooth this place definitely is for you.

I give this place a 2.8 out of five.


Think Chocolate

This is my sixith post. Ohhh Scary! Ladies and Gentleman,  after seeing the Exorcism of Emily Rose I hate that number. I have been told by a religion major that we misread the bible and we have nothing to worry about. But the number six and waking up a 3 am still scare me.

So why would I bring up something so biblical? Because indulgence (a nice word for gluttony) is a sin. But like some people chocolate is an addiction. Forgive us Lord.

Think Chocolate is in Charlotte, North Carolina near the Ballyantyne Hotel.  It was one of the only times that I was craving something sweet and the concierge said that I would love this shop. After about a ten minute drive we arrive to this little shop. At first I thought I was in heaven. The place was really nice, it smelled of freshly made chocolate and you could also smell freshly made espresso which is always a plus.

Now I always wanted to try spicy chocolate. However, one of my major weaknesses is caramel and white chocolate. Those two flavors are awesome separate but together they are amazing. Then there was green tea chocolate, red velvet, cake bites and variety of toffees. What was I supposed to choose? I wanted to buy the whole store. However, the store is set-up like a boutique and due to my budget, that was not possible.

The lady noticing my distress picked out  a mixture of chocolates, cake bites and toffees for me. Luckily, she picked the Habanero chocolate, which was very good. She also gave me a free cup of espresso since we were heading back to Nashville. Talk about Southern Hospitality.

I told myself I would wait to share these with my brother. After one bite of that Habanero chocolate it wasn’t going to happen. The only downside to this business is that it is not located in Nashville. Definitely 5 out of 5 hearts. Here is their website.

Thai Phooket

I am a person that judges a book by its cover. Seriously, if I don’t like the title or a cover of a book in the library I put it right back on the shelf. I do the exact same thing to restaurants.When I first arrived to Thai Phooket, I swore I would not eat in this restaurant. After some coaxing, I got out the car and was finally persuaded to eat by surrounding customers. I am happy to say that Thai Phooket is one of the exceptions to my own rules.

I had the Red Curry and I made it very spicy. It was amazing and it didn’t break my wallet. It was a great experience. I felt pretty glad that I actually got past outer looks. So not only was my belly satisfied so was my soul.

I will tell you the service needs a little improvement. It is legitimately a hole-in-the-wall. The food came out pretty quick. However, I’m just saying if I am eating spicy food I shouldn’t have to flag someone to get some water. Getting the check was kind of slow to.

Nevertheless, it is the best Thai restaurant and my feeling were not hurt. So you have very good food that’s very cheap. I give it a 3 out of 5 hearts. Here is their  restaurant website for more information and history.!the-place