Why I’m Doing this Blog!

Our modern era is filled with big businesses and corporations. As a result the mom & pop stores are slowly dying. However, they are still the back-bone of our economy. Many people are unaware of the small businesses we have. I do live in Nashville, TN, so most of the post will be about Middle Tennessee Businesses. Plan your travels to Nashville around me if you like. Most of my post will mainly be about food and consignment stores. If you have any other ideas or business you would like me to talk about please comment or reply. Love Yall!

5 thoughts on “Why I’m Doing this Blog!

  1. I wish I can travel to the south, people have their eyes on the Bahamas Paris New York, but me I have my eyes on Texas west Virginia and Tennessee and maybe North Carolina.

    • Well luckily I travel throughout the South. There will be special updates on North Carolina and Texas very soon. If you do travel and you like driving. I will advise traveling by car. The South has a very interesting landscape, cultures and most importantly businesses!

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