Coming Back Soon!!!!

Happy 2014 to my faithful followers!

I know have been a bad person and have not update in forever.  But I will use this as a follow-up post to my first post.

IMG_20140118_155240 IMG_20140118_155155IMG_20140118_155059

This is my nail art for the month. This was done by Stephen at Alpha Nails who are one of the people that encouraged me to continue to do this blog. Well deserved after a stressful week at law school.  I wanted to do black because I never had an emo phase like the rest of my friends, but I did insert some feminine touches. A.K.A I bedazzled them.

Next time, I am dedicating my new post to a special someone.

By the way, I am horrible with selfies. I dislike them….with a passion.  I had others take these pictures for me. I will have a professional picture made for this blog soon.

Ja Ne!


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